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Considered by health care specialists as the number one sexually transferred condition, the cure for Genital Herpes has actually not yet been found. Genital Herpes is triggered by two types of viruses and can be acquired through skin to skin contact.

Genital Herpes is typically defined by inflamed glands, fever, flu like signs and lower pain in the back. They are typically wrongly recognized for other infections till the beginning of break outs. The only give away are the sores or breakouts and blisters located in and around the genital area or anus. These sores often last from two to 4 weeks depending upon the degree of infection and the body's body immune system. Currently, medical researchers are analyzing the biology of the herpes virus and discovery ways to eliminate the reason for infection. Exactly what makes the cause of herpes, the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV tricky to cure is its capability to hide within the human nerves. Medical researchers are currently establishing a cure based on this discovery.

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The most effective method to help prevent Genital Herpes is prevention. Having said that, if you are sexually active and having burning sensation when urinating, have red and sensitive skin, headaches and flu like symptoms, and muscle aches, it would be better to speak to a medical professional as soon as possible. Maybe its most noticeable symptom, the break out of sores, is the one most herpes victims are worried about. Although there is no cure for herpes nowadays, there are many methods to prevent the recurring episodes of herpes and help reduce outbreaks. Nonprescription medication or products that state to cure herpes might just minimize the problem and intensify outbreaks. One can try out these proven and tested ways of helping prevent Genital Herpes.

The natural approach of helping prevent herpes is to use antiviral supplements, zinc, omega-3 fats and vitamins A and C which can boost the body's body immune system to eliminate against the herpes virus.

Applying a wet and cold tea bag to affected areas can also assist the recovery process of sores in the time of a break out. Since tea consists of thyme which serves as an internal antiseptic which can lessen the frequency of outbreaks, this is.

Bioflavanoids, a chemical substance discovered in vegetables and fruits can help minimize the activity of the herpes virus by making them inactive. In this way, having papaya, berries, apricots, apples, buckwheat and lemon in your diet can help minimize the risk of Genital Herpes due to the fact that flavanoids or vitamin P help improve the efficiency of vitamin C in enhancing the body immune system.

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Taken into account by health care experts as the number one sexually transmitted disease, the cure for Genital Herpes has not yet been made offered. The most effective method to minimize the risk of Genital Herpes is prevention. There is no cure for herpes at the minute, there are lots of methods to minimize the risk of the recurring episodes of herpes and help reduce outbreaks. One can try these proven and checked ways of preventing Genital Herpes.